Want to Avoid the Flu? Get the Vaccine

Don’t be fooled. The generic term “flu” - referring to one of many  viruses that cause the common cold with fever, achiness, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and generally feeling poorly - is not Influenza.

Influenza, the name of the specific virus responsible for the big, bad, deadly, worldwide pandemic of 1918, is the virus category I am talking about.

It is the virus the Influenza vaccine (a.k.a. flu vaccine) is trying to stop or at least stun. Influenza can be and is an annual killer. Usually the very young or old, chronically ill, smokers, and others who are immunologically depressed from their disease burden suffer the most from catching Influenza.

Get the vaccine!! The earlier in the season the better and also better late than never.

No vaccine is 100% effective (is anything really?) but it helps against the risk of death across a wide category of disease. The flu vaccine has low side effects and it does not give you Influenza.  You still might get the common-cold type ailment right after being inoculated (given the shot).

Vaccine = Avoidance

Avoidance also is keeping those viruses, which are riding on microscopic droplets of water from sneezes, coughs, and non-clean hands, from entering your body through the nose and mouth. Keep three or more feet away from those who spray those droplets, and, never touch your face without first washing or cleaning your hands (an alcohol-based hand sanitizer also works).

Pretty simple.

Obviously, wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth may be helpful as well.

Keep it safe and healthy. Be Emergency Free!