An Introduction to My Blog


OMG! Another health-oriented blog to read, digest and comprehend as you incorporate the relevant information into your life.

Trying to be well and healthy has never been easier or so hard. Don’t get left behind. Ignore that feeling of fear at missing out.

With those ideas in mind, I will be writing an upbeat, easy to understand and apply, irregularly spaced, medically themed blog. No tests and no preparation needed - just quick and practical information to apply at will and as needed.

A little background about myself. I spent 30 years as a clinical Emergency Medicine doctor in a busy SoCal ER, and continue to work in resource-poor Emergency Departments from Alaska to Ohio.

There will be the usual disclaimer to keep all happy and to allow for potential errors, but generally, the content will be current, up to date and not too esoteric.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Over the years I have learned much from my students and my patients and always recognize that multiple minds contributing to a topic is helpful.

Suggestions for relevant topics along the health and wellbeing spectrum are appreciated as possible blog subjects.

This blog is endorsed by my family (my wife and two daughters), however, they tend to dismiss its content because of too much familiarity and not enough requirement for payment (Lol!).

I hope you will take something positive from this experience and enjoy this effort with others as well.

YOLO. Paul Weinberg, M.D.

All photography provided by Dr. Weinberg



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